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jeudi 26 avril 2007

In the life it is like that. All ends up finishing, even the worst.

Then contest GlobalWarming Awareness2007 in the same way. While waiting for Tiger goes up in the classification with GlobalWarming Awareness2007 .

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dimanche 11 mars 2007

dievochka on globalwarming

After talking about Papillon, I would like to talk about Dievochka, a sexy lady who is fall in love about Vodka and chocoku... Of course she's playing to the globalwarming awareness2007
globalwarming awareness2007 fighting

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jeudi 1 mars 2007

globalwarming papilonning 2007

If you want to know the thrue about the globalwarming awareness2007 and the papillon girl, juste click and open your fucking eyes...

globalwarming awareness2007

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dimanche 11 février 2007

google adsense is dead

oh my dear, the google adsense is down :-( Please help Google to becaume on the life of the web

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samedi 10 février 2007

global result for february 10th

Today is saturday and the saturday is the most date to look on Google if we are a good globalwarming awareness2007 or a bad globalwarming awareness2007

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vendredi 9 février 2007

papibirthday louve

Strange creature, mi butterfly, mi louvepanthere.... Today is a great day and I just want to says :

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dimanche 28 janvier 2007

choco ban

If you want to link us, please link us but for this you need some links and banners...

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global choco team

The GCB is the Global Choco Team, the GCB play on the globalwarming awareness2007 SEO Contest. The GCB are the globalwarming awareness2007 Team the mort strange on the world... You don't believe in this ? Just try to read all the pages and try to understand something...

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globalwarming awareness2007 rules

You want play to the globalwarming awareness2007 ? Please see the globalwarming awareness2007 rules or maybe you can have few risks to be disqualified ! :-(

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globalwarming awareness2007 prizes

You play to the globalwarming awareness2007 and you want to know what you can win ? Don't see this page and go to the official website...

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dimanche 21 janvier 2007

globalwarming awareness2007 test

For the first post, I just want to introduce what is the globalwarming awareness2007 and why the Chocoku Land Team play...

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