globalwarming awareness2007 Rules...

The globalwarming awareness2007 seocontest is a SEO contest on

You have somes rules for playing to the globalwarming awareness2007 :

globalwarming awareness2007

Globalwarning Rules :

  1. Site must include either a SEO World Championship text link or a banner. (The banner may be linked or not linked)
  2. Valid contact information must be found on the site, E-mail is preferred.
  3. Your official domain must be registered the same day or after January the 15th 2007.
    (All domains registered before the 15th of January 2007 will not qualify for the competition, no record of the domain is allowed. See
  4. Website will not use SEO methods which are clearly not approved by Search Engine Guidelines for example: doorway pages, etc. See Google webmaster Guidelines. (Any participant ignoring the Google webmaster guidelines will not qualify for a prize)

Selection of the winner :

On May 1st, 2007 we will make a search for "globalwarming awareness2007" on the 3 searchengine and combine the scores and subsequently determine THE winner.

The score is calculated by giving points to position 1 - 10 in each search engine. You will receive 10 points for a number one spot, and 1 point for a number 10 spot.

For example:

Your website:

  • Rank in Google: 7 = 4 points
  • Rank in MSN: 10 = 1 point
  • Rank in Yahoo: 2 = 9 points

Total points for = 14 points

If two contestants would end up with the same Total points then the contestant with the highest rank in will take the higher position. You can follow the the total points of this contest on the scorecard page.

You must put a link or a banner

You must put a link text like this :

SEO World Championship

or a banner (with or without a link)