Dievochka on globalwarming

The awareness2007 of vodka...

globalwarming awareness2007
globalwarming awareness2007

After talking about Miss Papillon, it's time to talk about Miss Dievochka...

Who is Miss Dievochka ?

Miss Dievochka (or Diev if you are member of Chocoku Land Board) is coming from Tchernobyl Sur Seine, a strange town with brigde... Every body think Dievochka is a russian girl (like the Matriochka, do you know this doll ?)

Here is some pic about Dievochka familly and friends who participe to the globalwarming awareness2007 SEO Contest.

globalwarming awareness2007 Team :

globalwarming familly

Miss Dievochka can move like you can see on this picture

awareness2007 directory

Dievochka love this...

To know more about a girl, we need to knwo what she love expect the globalwarming awareness2007 and chocoku

Here his another pics, to understand beter  ;-)

She love vodka (like YvY, but shut up)

globalwarming awareness2007 with vodka

When she want drink vodka, Dievochka prefer drinking directly to the bottle, but not with every bottle, you must ask to a men to have the vodka at the good temperature...

the real globalwarming awareness2007

but for a good fighting you need something special and on the globalwarming awareness2007, you need something special...

globalwarming awareness2007 fighting

Russian and globalwarming awareness2007 :

The russian pay very attention about the globalwarning...

Don't Reject the globalwarning !!!

globalwarming don't rejet awareness2007

Cool before drinking....

Global Link for Dievochka :

Here is few link about Miss Dievochka...

In a few day, I talk to you about another member of The Chocoku Team  ;-)