globalwarming awareness2007 Result

globalwarming awareness2007

Today, the sun is hot (for the Lady I'm also very Hot)

Are your ready to see where is Chocokuland.inf on ?


Actualy, our Team is on the bottom of the page 14, it's very far but just note we are going up day after day...


and another topic few pages later... (page 39 ARGHHH big Tarlouzerie)


Well, we think we can place the ChocoBlog on beter place, but we have time for this  ;-)

About Lucie

Do You Know Lucie ? On the bottom fo the page 24

lucie on globalwarming2007

and also on the bottom of the page 31

lucie on t'aime, surtout moi

And what about The real Chocoku Land ?

I have lookinf for Chocoku Land, it's not very good and Google think the page is on French :-(
=>>> look on google, if you see "translate" you are not a good globalwarming awareness2007

Page 66, a very bad Tarlouzerie :-(   (we can't talk about chocoku land without a Private Joke :: "we prefer 666 to the 66"  ;-) )

666 on the Land ?

This information was post by Xavfun, the Real globalwarming awareness2007