Seo World Championship

globalwarming awareness2007

This is the first annual SEO World Championship. For this occasion, member of the Chocoku Land board play together with fun and BIG Tarlouzerie.

The main challenge of this contest is for a website to rank as high as possible on the organic search engine results on all 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). We will determine the winner based on an average ranking between the selected search engines.

The keyword is globalwarming awareness2007 and we must be the first on the 3 search engine on may fisrt, 2007

What is the globalwarming awareness2007 ?

You have heard about globalwarming awareness2007 and you want to know what is it ? I just can tell you : good luck !

But I can try to expline to you... globalwarming awareness2007 is the name of the two keyword of the year, if you can place this on the search engine you can win a price...

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