Globalwarning Prizes

globalwarming awareness2007

If you play to the globalwarming awareness2007 you can learn a lot of things, meet some Chocoku Girls and Chocoku Boys, and also win a faboulus prizes !!!

1st globalwarming prize

global C2

If on may,1st if you are the firts on Google, Yahoo and MSN for the keyword globalwarming awareness2007 you win a Citroen c2 :-)
If you don't want drive a Citroen C2 (maybe you prefer the Xavmobile) don't panic and win !!!

You don't know what is a Xavmobile ??? No problem, I'm happy to show you a picture of THE Xavmobile

xavmobile go to the globalwarming awareness2007

2snd globalwarming prize

warning cruise

If you are not at the firts place, maybe you can have the second place for the globalwarming awareness2007  ?
It's good for you, this is a Carabeen cruise with traveler checks !!!!
If you are a woman with small or big tit's, you can keep a member of the Global Choco Team, if you are a male, please go away with our Chocokine !

3rd globalwarming prize

plasma awareness2007

The third place is very good, it's a Plasma TV to play on video game (later I try to talk to my "pote Box" if you want)

5th globalwarming prize

The 5th place win 100 Dollards

4th globalwarming prize

On the 4th places, you win 500 Dollards, it's good but if you play "loto" you can miss all, I think it's beter to give this money to the Chocoku Fundation

globalwarming awareness2007

globalwarming awareness2007 choco Remark :

Well, this globalwarming awareness2007 is very strange... Have you see the 5th place is writing before the 4th place of the globalwarming awareness2007 ?

Officials globalwarming awareness2007 prizes are on this page.

This message was writing by This Chocoku Boy.