Indeed, the pink rabbit is taking part in this contest with his Kablumy page. But, the pink rabbit would like to help the pompompom kablumy wich has been made by 2 girls ;). Theyr kablumy is ranked #2 today, and may win this contest.
Chocokuland can't do anything and do participate with a forum page wich is ranked #11 today.
Our Chocoku Gnome is playing to with his kablumy, and he is #8 today. He says he's going to lanch backlinks... So be prudent, little girls ! This gnome is very dangerous !
But the guy who made me write this little post is Tiger ! Because Tiger is a guy who don't post a lot in chocoku land, perhaps because he thinks we are too crazy. (Too crazy ? Us ? Lol !) So, i glimps the Tiger kablumy site, and look at this wonderfull picture he presents for us :
Humm... Isn't it good ?