Love Boat song

The title of this episode is :

The ultimate globalwarming string in a love boat

YvY Brittany In the globalwarming Love Boat Gavin XavLeod as your globalwarming Love Boat captain Ced Lange as your globalwarming Love Barman

Story board : In sunday, a day with a nice sun lavage without calcaire, YvY Brittany put these lovely mimines in the vaissell's water (normaly : se's not a blond girl and she have a big box of sun lavage... What you want she make with that ?? Some craquotted ?? Nooooo ! She's a love boat washing girl !).

At this moment, the captain, Gavin XavLeod is occuped to vomit out the board of love boat (he have a bad mal of the sea sex and sun).

At this moment, the lovin' barman, Ced Lange is occuped to work at... nothing (it is the must for him) and is walking on the secnd pont of the love boat. But... Ced in just under the superior pont when the captain vomit and... Oh my gode ! The captain vomit on the barman !!! .

And, very degoutted, Ced the big stick rabbit barman, vomit and prout in the sea (and is here that the spectator comprened the theme of this episode : the sea pollution !)

The rest of this story is very banaled : bisouilles, loving tender, crapouilled and a mystery string egared on the floor...

But this TV story have a happy and anybody go married and that's is termined in a big downblouse with gang bang but is censured.

The no-censured version is in this globalwarming awareness2007 ;)